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In order to keep pace with the ever growing demand of our clients, we are involved in offering a wide assortment of Helium Gas. This product is extensively used in different places for the welding of metals and as a fuel of light weight aircraft. Our product is extracted by using sophisticated technology.

Dissolved Acetylene

We have carved a niche amongst the most trusted name in this business, involved in offering Dissolved Acetylene Gas to our clients. This Dissolved Acetylene Gas is processed by using advance machinery and excellent non flammable chemical solution. Our product is extensively used for different industrial application.


Oxygen can support life in hospitals. It is noncombustible and is also used in industry which will actively support the burning of combustible materials. Some materials that will not burn in air will burn in oxygen. Materials that burn in air will burn more vigorously in oxygen. As a non-liquid gas it is shipped at pressures of 2000 psi or above. Pure oxygen is nonflammable. Under prolonged exposure to fire or intense heat the containers may rupture violently. Oxygen is used in the production of synthesis gas from coal, for resuscitation and as an inhalant.


Argon has many different applications in many industries. The most common one is as a shielding gas for arc welding – either in pure form or as part of various mixtures. It is one of the main gases used in filling mixtures for incandescent (filament) lamps, phosphorescent tubes and thyratron radio tubes. It is also used as a carrier gas in chromatography, sputtering, plasma etching and ion implantations. It provides a blanket atmosphere in crystal growth, viniculture and pharmaceutical packaging. For excimer lasers, argon is blended with fluorine and helium. As an insulation gas, argon is a popular way of improving thermal insulation in multi-pane windows.


It is the only fuel gas that does not contain any carbon atoms. H2 has the highest thermal conductivity of all gases. Combined with oxygen, the hydrogen flame reaches a temperature of 2834°C. It is often mixed with argon to create a range of argon/hydrogen shielding gases for TIG and plasma welding. These shielding gas mixtures are primarily used for welding austenitic stainless steels and some nickel alloys. Hydrogen can also be used with argon in a range of gas mixtures for plasma-cutting (stainless steel and aluminum mainly). In addition, it can be combined with oxygen for underwater flame-cutting. Deeper cutting applications require higher fuel and oxygen pressures. 


One of the main applications of nitrogen is blanketing, purging and sparging in the food and chemical industries. It can also be found in modified atmosphere packages (MAP) for foodstuffs. In liquid form, it is an agent to shock-freeze food, store biological material, perform cryosurgery and cryogenically grind plastics and rubbers, for instance. In the semiconductor industry, N2 is used in large quantities as a purge and carrier gas. In electronics, it acts as an inerting agent for epitaxial reactors. It is also useful as a carrier, zero and balancing gas in laboratory analysis. Other common applications include heat treatment, the production of ammonia, fire extinguishing in mines, tyre filling, shrink-fitting and cold traps, where nitrogen can help to increase vacuum efficiency.


Carbon dioxide has many well-known applications in the food and beverages industry – from carbonating drinks and conserving wine to modifying atmospheres for packaged foods. Dry ice – or solid CO2 – is commonly used for storage and transportation of temperature sensitive products such as frozen/chilled foods or medical/ pharmaceutical materials. Dry ice is used as a process coolant in food, chemicals, research and pharmaceutical industries and is also an extremely effective and environmentally sound cleaning agent. In agriculture, CO2 can be used to enhance growth in greenhouses and as a feedstock for algae that produce bio-oil (green crude). The non-flammable properties of CO2 make it a popular pressurizing gas for everything from aerosols through fumigants to air guns.

Zero Gas

Zero Air Gas systems for Gas Chromatography employe a four step process including filtration, hydrocarbon removal, cooling and final filtration to produce the required level of purity. Two stages of high efficiency coalescing pre-filtration are employed to remove oil and particulate contamination. The air is then passed through a heated catalysis module to oxidize hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water. The air is then cooled and passed through a final membrane filter to remove all particles >0.01 micron.

High Pure Gas for LAB

We have a wide range of Ultra High Pure Gases for our clients . These gases are suitable for various critical application. The entire range is free from critical contaminants that can cause chromatographic column degradation and instrument interference. Owing to our extensive gas cylinder preparation, dedication of gas cylinders by gas service and statistical quality control, we have been able to offer a highly pure range of the offered gases. These gases are available in various grades and cylinder volumes.

Special Gases

Gases needed for special application or any special purpose comes into the bracket of specialty gases. Special gases also needs dedicated gas handling equipment to ensure gas quality remain in equilibrium between the source and the point of application. May it be ultra high pure individual gas or process gas mixture or calibration gas mixture, we pay importance to all Special Gas Products, Process Industry, Emission measurement, Stack monitoring, Pollution testing, Medical application and Research Laboratories. Our products are segregated into different categories according to their uses.

  • Argon TL Grade - purity 99.9997%

  • Argon UHP Grade - purity 99.9998%

  • Nitrogen zero grade – purity 99.9998%

  • UHP Air (79%N2+21% O2 ) (moisture 0.5ppm)

  • Helium - 5, (99.999%) 5.5 (99.9995%) & 6 (99.9999%) Grades

  • Oxygen - zero grade 99. 99%

  • Synthetic air

  • Propane

  • N-Butane

  • Ammonia

  • Liquid Nitrogen

High Pure Gas

We do have the perfect solution for ultra high pure gas requirement particularly as Carrier Gas or Zero Gas in varied applications of GC and other measuring instruments related to their fields. Impurities are analyzed and certified to use in specific application. Our ultra high pure gases have controlled critical contaminants which minimises the risk of chromatographic column degradation and interference in the functioning of instruments. We maintain high purity level for our gases by subjecting them to statistical quality control process.

  • Argon - purity 99.9993%,

  • Oxygen - purity 99.85%

  • Dissolved Acetylene – purity> 98%

  • Nitrogen - purity 99.9992%

  • Hydrogen - purity 99.9988%

  • Zero air- (79%N2+21%O2)

  • Helium Grade 4.5 - 99.995%

  • Nitrous oxide - purity >98%

  • Carbon dioxide - purity 99%

  • Methane - purity 99.5%

Hydrostatic Pressure Cylinder Testing

Cylinders filled with Industrial and Medical Gas have to be hydrostatic pressure tested every five years. The cylinders have to be tested for strength and leaks. The hydrostatic pressure test involves filling the cylinders with water and pressurization of the cylinders in order to test the pressure. The pressure tightness can be tested by shutting off the supply valve and observing whether there is a pressure loss. We can hydrostatic pressure test various types and sizes of cylinders at our testing station. We are the few who are certified and have the facility to test HYDROGEN and other Gas Cylinders.

  • Oxygen

  • Argon

  • Carbon-dioxide

  • Nitrogen

  • Helium

  • Mixture Gas

  • Cylinder Testing ( Including Hydrogen Cylinders)

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